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Sacrifices of Motherhood

As I am thinking about the sacrifices a mother needs to make for her children, I am holding my sweet little boy who is – finally – sleeping while my stomach is crying for some food. I am leery to put him down because I really want him to sleep, knowing it will make him feel better, seeing how he’s been having a little bit of a rough day. Then again, I also know I need to take care of myself. What a toss-up. If only there was a simple answer to things like that. The last six week of my life have been absolutely crazy. I have learned what it means to sacrifice more in the last six weeks than I ever have. Sacrifice sleep, food, a good relaxed shower, my sanity, my body, and many other things. So why on earth would someone do that willingly? I can see at least two good reasons:

1) Because it’s worth it! Being a mother and seeing the smiles on your baby’s face makes all the long hours absolutely worth it. Every bit of it. To think that one day my sweet little boy will be all grown up is mind blowing. He’s so tiny and helpless, and one day he may be holding his own bundle of joy. Need I say more?

2) Because God sacrificed  The sacrifices I have to make, by getting up in the middle of the night to take care of my little guy are nothing compared to the sacrifice God made. I cannot even imagine letting my son die for someone who spits in my face. I cannot even imagine letting my son die for someone I like. My sacrifice is actually really, really small compared to God’s.

Well, I put my son down and it didn’t take long to give me those sad eyes and start crying, so, while my bagel is toasting I shall end this post to feed my precious little boy


How to survive in a ‘cellfish’ world

First of all; yes, I know that the word cellfish does not actually exist. So let me tell you where it came from. It is a lovely combination of cell phone and selfish. So why put the two of them together? Because we have become extremely selfish due to cell phones. Don’t believe me? How often do you see this:

You ask your friend to meet for coffee because you need someone to talk to. You meet up and before you can even begin to tell your story, your friend is on his/her cell phone not even paying attention to what you have to say. Seem selfish? I think so.

We are living in the world where spending time with people has become something that we do not do. Is it not ironic that when we spend time with one person, we are texting another and when spending time with the person we previously texted with we are suddenly paying attention to the person we hung out with before. Weird, is it not?

Why can we not simply enjoy the time we are spending with our friends? Why do those flashy screens have to come in between our relationships?

Have you ever noticed that when your cell phone makes any sort of noise, you have to attend to it right away? It is almost as if we believe that if it does not get our immediate attention, it may die. Just letting it lie there after it’s notified us of something that is probably not important, seems impossible. We cringe and imagine who would want to talk to us.

What about when your phone does not make noise for a while? You still check it, just to make sure you did not miss the ring while you were browsing Facebook or Youtube, don’t you? And if it really has not made any noise for a while, you will start a conversation with someone just to hear it? To me that sounds like an addiction.

We are addicted to our cell phones and it is making our life absolutely miserable. You may argue this point because you think that you are happy. You feel wanted because you phone may constantly be ringing, but what about actual face-to-face conversations? What happens when you walk into a room of people. You probably feel lost because you do not know how to interact with them. So, what happens next? Out comes the cell phone.

Don’t get me wrong, I am completely guilty of this as well. I feel the need to bring my phone with me just in case someone needs me. We have the need to know that we are available if someone happens to need us, why? Because we need to be needed and wanted. And it totally makes sense, it’s in our genetic make-up. It is important for us to be needed by people, just as much as we need people. Which is why this generation has become so miserable.

We often pretend we are happy, but at the end of the day we are missing one of the most crucial aspects to human survival – human touch and interaction.

So how do we stop becoming so selfish and let go of those shiny little devices? We need to re-learn the value of spending time with people face-to-face and see how much better it is for us. It is crucial for us to make sure that we do not lose the skill of human interaction? Absolutely. If we cannot do it for ourselves, let us do it for our children. What kind of a world will they grow up in? They won’t know what it’s like to interact with other people because they will be stuck behind a screen. So once again, let’s stop being so selfish.


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Dear Daughter, Dear Son

Having watched my husband interact with my son throughout the last four weeks has been an absolute blessing. It has also reminded me how crucial it is for fathers to be there for their children and to be a good example. It leaves children hurt when their fathers do not fulfill their role, but rather walk away, leaving them on their own to try and figure out who to be in this world. Usually I have more words to write, and in a sense I did, even about this topic. It will just be presented a little bit different – I hope you enjoy.