About Me

My Name is Sandra Reimer. Wife, new mommy, photographer, writer, lover of many things. I am from Manitoba, Canada. If I were to narrow down who I am in a few words, those few words would probably include “creative, perfectionist, introvert and crazy.” I have had a creative side to me all of my life, always wanting to try new things and finding a way to make them perfect. I am an introvert, yes, so I love to just sit down with a book and read or write until there are no more words left to say, or until my hand cramps up…or until I run out of time – whichever comes first.

I developed my love for writing very early on. I remember being told in Elementary school that my stories were always too long – good, but too long. I never knew when to stop writing because the words would just come to me.

The world around me is what inspires me to write. It does not take long for me to find something to write about, whether it be after hearing a song, going to a new place or simply pondering about life. I can say that I have been through a lot in my young life, which is another huge thing that inspires my writings – an attempt to share my heart not only with others but also understand life for myself.


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